Since we launched our first online fax service in 1997, Crosby Fax® has enabled businesses of all shapes and sizes around the world to send and receive faxes securely via the Internet, without needing to own a fax machine or pay for a separate phone line. Whilst global fax volumes slowly decline, we provide a bridge between the old and new worlds; the familiar, reliable and trustworthy stalwart that is fax, coupled with more modern email, 256-bit Encrypted cloud storage and even a Fax API for software developers.

Why Choose Crosby Fax® as your Online Fax Service?

We’re in the business of making life easier for our customers; providing a better, more feature-rich and cost-effective online fax service than the alternatives whilst keeping data security firmly in the centre stage.

We take pride in being different from the competition and we set ourselves apart in the market by the way we do things. For example, we don’t charge extortionate overage fees if you receive a few too many faxes one month, or charge an inflated per-minute cost if a page takes longer than expected to send. All of our customers can speak to a real human by phone, and our UK-based support team resolve the majority of queries instantly.

We don’t make our customers sign long contracts either; just a month-by-month rolling package which (unlike with some of our competitors) can be cancelled at any time, online, with just a single click of the mouse. We never put any artificial barriers in the way of customers who wish to port their number away from us. Our motto is: “Make it easy for our customers to leave, but then give them lots of reasons to stay”, and this different way of operating has been key to our success in building up a large – and more importantly, satisfied – customer base.

Choice and Flexibility

We offer an unrivalled choice of fax numbers – with every region in the UK plus major cities from over 50 countries worldwide. New fax numbers can be set up instantly, in real-time, via our website – the best some of our competitors can manage is “same day”.

For customers who don’t want or need a subscription fax service and only send or receive the odd fax, we offer a subscription-free online fax service – Free Fax to Email – and we offer more than just fax, too. As part of the Telecoms Cloud family we can provide a complete cloud-based telecoms solution including business telephone numbers, call handling and call recording.

Robust Infrastructure for High-Volume Faxing

We’re not a reseller; as part of Europe’s leading cloud communications provider, we own and operate our own purpose-built network, designed with security, quality, speed and high-availability right at its core, underlining our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our international fax network has thousands of lines available at any time, meaning your senders will never hear an engaged tone – making Crosby Fax® ideal for high-volume applications as well as mission-critical operations.

Our systems are housed in protected ISO27001 data centres. We comply fully with NHS Safe Haven guidelines, and offer full HIPAA compliance with storage options available for up to 35 years. For more information, please read our Standards & Compliance page.

Crosby Fax® is part of the Telecoms Cloud family, a British company founded in the historic city of Liverpool. To find out more about Telecoms Cloud and our network/infrastructure, please visit