When you are porting (moving) a line or a number to Crosby Fax®, quite often, your provider of that line will turn the line off (cease it) and therefore you should take care before moving a number to us.

The Impact of porting a number to us

(This list is not exhaustive and is meant only as a guide.)

  • Any broadband on this line will quite likely be ceased (turned off)
  • Any alarms, diallers, monitoring, BT Redcare, Payphones any other analogue devices won’t work any longer
  • Any call diverts, phone/fax routing devices, voicemail, answer phones, medical alert systems, GSM gateways, caller ID, call logging solutions, IVR and auto attendant systems will cease to operate
  • Sky and interactive TV boxes, ATM Cash Machines, intercoms, auto-answer couplers will likely stop working
  • ISDN line customers: watch out for providers trying to move the whole block of DDI numbers to us instead of a single number, and of course losing your entire ISDN circuit, preventing you from making and receiving calls

In fact, anything that is plugged into the line you move to us will quite often be unable to use the line once your number is ported to us, therefore you should check with your provider, telephone maintainance company, IT department etc. about what the impact will be to your organisation.

Solutions and Workarounds

If you would still like to move your existing number to Crosby Fax®, but have devices plugged into your line that you need to keep operating (such as above), then the following are potential solutions. Feel free to contact our support department who can advise on the best option to suit:

  • Ask your provider to re-number your line, effectively allowing your number to be ported to us but giving you a new number for the line so it still operates as before
  • Keep your existing number as-is, but put a divert on the line so fax calls are redirected to us, giving you the benefit of Crosby Fax®, but without moving the line to us (also saving the porting charge), but remember you will still have to pay the line rental as before, plus the cost of any diverted calls.
  • Have a new line installed (before you port the number to us) and move any dependant services using that line over to the new line (saving the ongoing rental cost of the original line once it is turned off when the number is ported to us).

Please note: Crosby Fax® does not accept any responsibility for the actions of other providers and should your provider make an error, misunderstand your requirements or provide the wrong advice, we cannot be held responsible for this. We do our best to advise you of the options available and aim to help you move to us, however with so many providers in the market and each with their own way of doing things, we simply cannot warrant their work, advice or actions and therefore the responsibility always sits with our customers as they are the ones who have a relationship and hold a contract with their provider and are therefore subject to their systems, procedures and terms and conditions. If your provider does make an error, you should follow their complaints process and seek compensation for any losses incurred.