With Fax to Email from Crosby Fax®, you can send and receive faxes by email with no fax machine or separate phone line required. You don’t need any special IT infrastructure in place and you don’t need to be tech-savvy; if you can use email, you can use Crosby Fax® to send and receive faxes online.

Using an online fax service is easier, cheaper, more convenient and better for the environment than using a traditional fax machine. Using your laptop or mobile device, you can run a paperless office and access your faxes from wherever you are, only printing those that you need to and waving goodbye to paper jams.

Why Choose Crosby Fax® for your Fax to Email Needs?

Since 1997, our customers have relied on us daily for their mission-critical business operations. We like to do things differently from many other online fax providers, and we pride ourselves in looking after our customers well. To see what we mean, why not check out how we stack up against our competitors. Then, try Crosby Fax® today and make up your own mind.

Fax from your Email Inbox
Sending & Receiving faxes with Crosby Fax® is as simple as sending and receiving an email with a PDF attachment.
No Fax Machine Required
You won’t need a physical fax machine and you can tear up any extra line rental costs as you don’t need a phone line either.
Save Money & The Planet
Paperless faxing isn’t just good for the environment; you’ll save money on paper, electricity and toner as well as line rental.
Fax On The Go
Cloud Faxing means you can fax from wherever you are on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. No more being tied down to the office!
Intelligent Cloud Storage
Keep a secure digital archive of each fax you send and receive, and tag faxes for easier categorising & faster searching later.
No Engaged Tone, Ever
With thousands of geographically distributed lines on the Telecoms Cloud network, Crosby Fax® is ideal for high-volume fax applications.
Instant Setup
Your business can’t afford to wait so we don’t make you. Set up new fax numbers or reconfigure existing numbers 24/7 with just a few clicks.
Enhanced Fax Security
SecureFax™ provides 256-bit HTTPS TLS Encryption for highly confidential fax applications, such as legal and healthcare faxes, and those containing credit card numbers.
For even deeper integration into your company’s IT infrastructure, ask your software developer to check out our REST API for online faxing.

See How Fax to Email Works:

Send Faxes by Email with Crosby Fax®:

£7 per month
300 fax pages
We don’t charge extortionate overage fees if you slightly exceed your allowance or fax pages take longer than 1 minute to send/receive.

We have fax packages with allowances to suit all shapes and sizes of business. To see all options, please see the Fax Package Pricelist.

Choose a brand new Fax to Email number or transfer your existing fax number to us from your current provider (£50 porting charge applies).

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FREE & instant real-time setup
No long contracts – just month by month
Cancel Online, any time, with a single click
No extortionate overage charges
No fax machine, paper, electricity or toner required
No phone line = no line rental
Clear & simple pricing and billing
Memorable numbers also available

Experience the power & simplicity of Fax to Email today.

Prices exclude VAT.

How it Works

When you buy a fax number from Crosby Fax®, it doesn’t require you to have a physical phone line or fax line installed to your home or business premises because it’s a “virtual” or “cloud-based” fax number. This means that rather than calls to your number going straight to one phone line and ringing whatever fax machine you happen to have plugged in, the calls ring inside our network, meaning we can give you fantastic features to help you run your business better.

How to Buy

It’s easy, and only takes a couple of minutes. Just sign up online for your 1-month free trial. Setup is instant; as soon as you complete the signup process and set up your payment method, your number is switched on and you can begin receiving faxes straight away.

We don’t tie you in to long contracts; you can cancel whenever you like by logging into your account to manage your subscription(s), and your service will stop at the end of your pre-paid period (monthly or annual).

Payment Options

We offer two types of subscription; advanced monthly or advanced annual. Paying annually allows you to lock yourself in at the current price for 12 months. Invoices for your next monthly or annual service period are sent to you via email 14 days in advance, and you can also view and download your invoices by logging into your online account at my.crosbyfax.com, navigating to the “My Account” section, and clicking on “My Invoices”.

Payments can be made by credit/debit card (we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express) and customers in the UK can also opt to pay by Direct Debit.

What If I Go Over My Allowance?

It can be a bit of a minefield out there when it comes to online fax services. Many providers charge extortionate overage fees if a fax you send or receive takes longer than 1 minute to transmit, or if you receive a few too many faxes one month.

At Crosby Fax®, we pride ourselves on doing things differently from our competitors. That’s why we don’t charge you anything extra at all, and we don’t deduct extra pages from your allowance, if someone sends you a fax that takes longer than a minute to receive. Similarly for example, if you’re sending a two-page fax and it takes longer than 1 minute per page to send, you’ll never be charged anything extra. The per page cost you’re quoted is the per page cost you’ll pay.

Likewise, if you receive a few too many faxes one month we won’t automatically start charging your credit card with extra fees. We understand that now and again you may receive more than normal, and your chosen package may be suitable for your needs the majority of the time. We promise that if you go over your allotted allowance by less than 10%, we won’t even bat an eyelid. If you consistently go over your allowance by more than 10% then this may indicate that your chosen package isn’t the best one for your needs; in this case you’ll receive a friendly call from our team who will advise on the best package for you.

08 Numbers in the UK and Ofcom Pricing Guidelines

This section only applies to customers in the UK who choose a number starting 087 or 084. Please remember that for any of these service numbers, you must clearly advise of the Service Charge wherever you advertise, promote or give out your number. The recommended text is: “Calls cost Xp per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.” where “X” is the service charge which relates to your number.

For more information, please see our Service Charges List and check out Ofcom’s UK Calling website.

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