Gone are the days of loading pages into a fax machine and hoping they don’t jam. Here’s how to send a fax online without even leaving your email inbox:

  1. Sign up for a 1-month free trial with Crosby Fax® to start sending faxes online
  2. Compose a new email to send@crosbyfax.com and put up to 10 recipient fax numbers, separated by commas, in the subject line
  3. Attach up to 10 PDF documents to your email
  4. If you want a cover page, just write in the body of the email. If you don’t want a cover page, write this: {nocoverpage}
  5. Hit send – that’s it!

A few minutes later, you’ll get a confirmation email telling you that your fax has successfully sent, or if the number was engaged/unreachable more than 5 times we’ll tell you how hard we tried to send the fax and let you choose to resend later.

If this is the first time you’ve sent a fax via email, make sure you’ve authorised your email address to use your account credit for sending. It only takes a minute, just login to your account and choose My Account, then Email Addresses I Send Faxes From.