Fax to Email is easy, cost-effective and better for the environment than using a traditional fax machine. To receive faxes in your email inbox via our online fax service, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up for a 1-month free trial with Crosby Fax®
  2. Choose a brand new fax number, or keep your existing Fax number
  3. Give your fax number out as you would any other Fax number
  4. When faxes are sent to your Fax to Email number, they will be delivered to instantly your email inbox as a PDF attachment
  5. Open the email and download the PDF attachment to view your fax

For your convenience, a copy of each fax is also stored in your secure online account – handy if you ever have problems with your email or need to refer back to a fax from several months ago.

Need extra security for your confidential faxes? Check out SecureFax.