Cost Comparison

Traditional Fax Machine Crosby Fax
Panasonic KX-FP215E-S Fax Machine £66.65 £0.00
BT Business Phone Line Rental
(12m @ £22.30)
£267.60 £0.00
BT Business Phone Line Installation Cost £135.00 £0.00
(8 packets of 500 sheets @ £3.33 each)
£26.64 £0.00
Toner / Ink Film Rolls
(2x 30m rolls per pack, 18 packs @ £18.33 each)
£329.94 £0.00
Electricity Costs
(assuming 5 hours' usage a month, ~1 minute per page, a 170W machine and 15.37p/kWh)
£1.30 £0.00
Total annual cost with a Traditional Fax Machine: £827.13
Crosby Fax® annual subscription
(300 inbound pages package @ £7 per month)



Prices exclude VAT and are correct December 2016. Meant for indicative and demonstration purposes only, based on receiving 300 fax pages per month over a 12 month period.

Features Comparison

Traditional Fax Machine Crosby Fax
Your own local or national fax number
Send and receive faxes to/from anywhere in the world
Keep a log of all faxes sent and received
Receive faxes 24-7/365 days per year
Install a phone line and pay for toner, ink and paper (for a fax machine)
Send or Receive Faxes from any Internet-enabled device, anywhere
Receive multiple faxes simultaneously
Faxes stored for up to 35 years in online account
Telephone, web and email support
Send faxes in digital document formats, creating a totally paperless office
Receive faxes to multiple additional email addresses (up to 50)
Keep your faxes secure and prevent others from seeing your documents
Tag faxes with your own comments, for later searching
Choose to receive your faxes as TIFF or PDF documents
Run usage reports and statistics on your fax number
Faxes automatically enhanced and made clearer on reception
No credit checks or phone line rental to pay
Setup within seconds online, without call centres and forms to complete