The Crosby Fax® developer programme in conjunction with Telecoms Cloud enables integration of our secure fax services into your company’s IT infrastructure or software applications, allowing faxes to be sent and received with ease from right where your users are. Use cases for our Fax API include automated invoicing, secure integration with patients’ healthcare records, or booking confirmation systems.

Crosby Fax® is powered by the Telecoms Cloud network, and you can use the very same API to integrate high-volume fax functionality into your own applications without costly network infrastructure investment, maintenance or upgrade costs.

Implementing our Fax API rather than faxing from your email inbox or via our secure portal means that received faxes can appear within your application and users can, for example, trigger a fax to be sent right from their working screen – without having to switch to an email programme or log in to the Crosby Fax® secure portal.

For documentation, code samples and SDKs for a variety of programming languages, check out the full API documentation.

How Does The Fax API Work?

Receiving Faxes via Fax API

To query for new faxes received, your application makes a GET request to the Telecoms Cloud Fax API. It receives back JSON data containing details of any new faxes, along with a secure download URL to allow your application to retrieve and process each fax.

Sending Faxes via Fax API

Faxes are sent via a 256-bit TLS-encrypted HTTPS POST request to the Telecoms Cloud Fax API from your application. The POST request contains the PDF document to be faxed along with the recipient number, and returns a unique ID which allows you to GET the fax job’s delivery status.

Why Use Crosby Fax via the Telecoms Cloud API?

Since 1997, our customers have relied on us daily for their mission-critical business operations and we launched our Fax API in 2015. We like to do things differently from many other online fax providers, and we pride ourselves in looking after our customers well. To see what we mean, why not check out how we stack up against our competitors. Then, try Crosby Fax® free today and make up your own mind.

Fax via REST API
Perfect for high-volume faxing, our REST API enables you to integrate fax functionality into your applications with ease.
No Software or Hardware
No software or hardware installations; no fax machine, paper, toner or fax lines required.
Use our SDKs
You can call our REST API directly from any development environment, or download our SDKs in languages such as C#, Java, Objective-C, PHP, Python or Ruby.
256-bit TLS Encryption
The Telecoms Cloud API endpoint uses 256-bit HTTPS TLS Encryption, making it ideal for highly confidential fax applications such as legal and healthcare faxes, and those containing credit card numbers.
Scaleable & Highly Available
Our balloon-like architecture expands and contracts with requirements, with highly-available resources spanning the globe.
Web Portal for Account Management
Our secure online portal allows you to access administration screens to monitor application activity and modify settings.
Clear, Simple Pricing
Pay a fixed monthly fee per fax number with an inbound allowance. Send faxes on a pay-as-you-go basis and a fixed per-page cost, regardless of transmission time.
Query Fax Delivery Status
Query the status of an outbound fax job at any time with a simple GET request.
Information Security
Comply with Data Protection and HIPAA laws, PCI DSS regulations and Caldicott Principles.

How the Fax API Receives Faxes:

About the Telecoms Cloud API

Telecoms Cloud is the global telecommunication network that powers Crosby Fax, as well as providing powerful functionality across voice, SMS and data to both end-users and software developers alike all around the world.

The Telecoms Cloud API exposes the network’s functionality, including fax, to software developers enabling them to incorporate our scalable and highly-available telecoms functionality within their own applications.

To help your software developers get up and running with our Fax API as quickly and easily as possible, we’ll give you the following at no cost when you sign up for a free trial:

FREE registration
FREE fax number
FREE test credit
FREE tech support

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