Fax is a legacy product which is becoming less and less relevant in today's connected world. However, it still has a vital role to play in many critical business operations.


Wienerberger is a key innovator in the roofing industry. Their diverse range of roof tiles and other roofing systems help them to lead their industry in green technology, with products manufactured in the UK’s first carbon-neutral tile plant.

Following a large-scale merger, the company has moved on leaps and bounds and has seen their product range become the largest in the UK roof tile industry. With this, a lot more orders are sent via fax, and more calls are made to the company from their retail partners and general trade customers. Their previous inbound communications setup became difficult to manage, and queued faxes meant that it took a while to respond to orders.

The company originally approached us to offer a reliable and high-capacity fax solution. With over 3,500 lines at our disposal, it meant that there was no having to deal with long queues at the fax machine – and with the ability to register up to 50 additional email addresses to receive faxes, there are no delays when some members of staff are inactive to deal with a customer order.

Long-term storage options on the website mean that the company has a secure place to keep their faxes, instead of storing reels of fax paper in expensive physical storage. Fax sending is now a much less manual procedure, with documents able to be faxed straight from email.

In addition to this, Wienerberger uses a block of virtual phone numbers for their inbound phone calls, with numbers being assigned to direct contacts and the customer service department. Our powerful Call Analytics system shows where in the world calls are made to them from, and automatic Call Recording lets them securely download and playback previous calls for training and quality purposes.

For Wienerberger, the high-capacity and easy-to-use nature of Crosby Fax and the ability to offer bespoke solutions to meet their business needs, means that they can be assured knowing that they have a communications solution sorted for the bright future ahead of them.

“The system that Telecoms Cloud has in place means that we can effectively deal with our customers and plan for growth in the future.”

Shaun Packer
Systems Development, Wienerberger Roof Tiles

Customer focus: Fax to Email & Fax API

Receiving faxes via email and our REST API means they no longer have to manage & maintain their own in-house fax servers, massively reducing both cost and hassle
Deep integration with existing sales packages means staff no longer need to use multiple different systems, increasing efficiency.

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Crosby Fax can help your business cut costs, eliminate wastage and increase efficiency by moving to paperless faxing in the Cloud. Send & Receive faxes securely via your Email Inbox, a 256-bit HTTPS TLS Encrypted web portal or our REST API for software developers.