Fax is a legacy product which is becoming less and less relevant in today's connected world. However, it still has a vital role to play in many critical business operations.


Ashtons Hospital Pharmacy Services is an organisation which specialises in providing pharmaceutical services and products to independent healthcare providers, including mental health hospitals and hospices.
The company prides itself on being able to tailor individual pharmacy services to the individual needs of each customer, and offering a fast and responsive service whenever it’s needed by utilising innovative and time saving systems, and its network of locations across the UK.

Because of the safety of faxing, Ashtons receive a large number of faxes every day. Although using fax is simply convenient for some companies, with Ashtons it becomes a matter of life and death as it helps patients to receive urgent medication. Electronic faxing meant that they could improve their business practices instantaneously, but their initial online fax provider often provided an unsatisfactory service, and it was difficult trying to contact their international call centre to correct any issues.

We worked closely with Ashtons to create a bespoke plan that would offer the ability to receive faxes online easily and securely from our website and straight through to up to 50 email addresses. Having 3,500 lines at our disposal means that they can receive multiple faxes simultaneously, and high capacity cloud storage for up to 35 years helps with safe record-keeping.

As well as an improved quality of service, Ashtons was also able to save money compared to their last electronic fax provider. Increased functionality and a plethora of additional options such as Automatic Barcoding, and easy integration with existing platforms means that they can select what services they want as their business changes.

Crosby Fax’s high capacity and quick delivery of faxes gives Ashtons the ability to excel further in offering a high-quality pharmaceutical distribution service to aid seriously ill people.

“This service helps to keep us connected with our partners quickly and effectively.”

Jamie McRobb
Systems Manager
Ashtons Hospital Pharmacy Services

Customer focus: Inbound Fax

  • Customer is able to receive a high volume of inbound fax traffic
  • With over 3,500 lines available, senders never hear an engaged tone so the pharmacy can receive multiple faxes simultaneously
  • Senders up and down the country who are familiar with ordering medicines by fax can still do so, whilst the pharmacy is able to integrate fax into their order management system and advance the technology

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