Why faxing won’t die: Five reasons faxing is still alive

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Faxing, believe it or not, is still a growing industry.  Companies use fax which requires other companies to use fax to order, ship, or request things.  Why keep with this supposedly ‘dying’ tech?

Change is difficult and unnecessary.

For starters, older users and older companies aren’t able to change as easily as you might think.  Older users are comfortable with fax because that’s what they’ve used their entire time at the company.  Companies, just like people, are resistant to change, too.  Why change and potentially risk more mistakes when the system you’ve got in place works perfectly fine?

Add in the fact that you can now fax in a multitude of ways, some without even a machine at all, and you’ve really got no reason to change anyway.

Regulations help.

As it stands, there are quite a few regulations around which hinder how businesses are allowed to send personal or private information.  This is especially true in healthcare, legal, or government industries where a slip could cost a lot more than just money.

On the positive side, faxes can even be used in legal battles because they’re a very legitimate paper trail, they’re protected by wiretapping laws, and they hold up to scrutiny well in court.  Fax logs are very detailed and easy to prove as real.

Faxing is cheap.

Of all the services out there, faxing is among the cheapest.  This becomes even more true if you’re using an online faxing service like Crosby Fax®.  You can cut costs quite well when compared to secure email services or direct mailing.

Faxing online also cuts costs to the environment.  Without the need of paper to have a send or receive faxes, you can play a part in the reduction of paper demand.  Unless you work in the paper industry, I’d say that’s a pretty good thing.

Faxing is secure.

Unlike email, which can be hacked without much effort, faxing is on a whole different level.  Well, it’s more like the average person just doesn’t want to go through all the work of stealing a hack.  Not only do you need to be able to decode it, you’ve also got to physically be at either the sending or receiving end or somewhere in the middle to receive the fax.

Our 256-bit encryption helps keep an added level of security to our portal.  This ensure that no matter where you log in from, your faxes will remain safe.

Faxing is necessary.

Yes, you read that right.  Faxing is actually necessary for many companies today.  This isn’t because of industry standards or government regulations, it’s because it’s a circle of faxing.  Company A uses faxing because they’re an old company and it’s always worked thus far.  Thanks to that, Company B has to use fax to get orders from them.  The same is true of many companies out there.

Faxing might sound like an old, long-dead piece of tech, but it’s actually very much alive and growing.  It’s easy to use, wide-spread, and actually has evolved to fit today’s working environment.  Not convinced?  Sign up today or send a demo fax and see just how easy it is!

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