Paper Waste: What to do, what to do?

By 26th August 2017Tips

If you’re working in an office, you’re going to use paper at some point.  Whether this is something as simple as a sign-in sheet at the front desk or perhaps order forms and shipment invoices, there will be paper.  The digital age is certainly here, but we still live in a paper world and the more business you do, the more paper you’ll be using.  Luckily, there are a few ways to help reduce the amount you use and save some space in your filing cabinets!

1) Printing

Unless you’re handwriting every single form, chances are you use a printer.  Have you thought about printing double-sided though?  While you’ll want to keep important pages to a single side, you can make all of your less important things like data sheets double-sided.  Another option for printing is to print multiple pages on a single sheet.

These may not seem like big changes and that’s because they’re really not.  They’re small, simple changes, that cut your paper need by around 50%.

2) Editing

This next option is a little more hands-on.  You notice how on any sheet of paper you tend to have about an inch of blank space on all four sides?  Well, those are called the margins and they’re easily changed.  By changing your margins and printing on more of each sheet of paper, you can fill it and therefore use less paper overall.  Do be careful with it, though.  Changing margins too drastically can make the paper more difficult to read and might even cut off some words.

Another way to edit your documents is with smaller or different fonts.  Again though, make sure you’re careful as you still want legible documents!

3) Reusing

Since this article is about paper waste, let’s actually talk about the waste a little!  You’re bound to have documents that you just don’t need anymore and throwing them away might seem like the best idea.  Well, stop yourself right there.  Use the back of those documents to take notes in meetings, copy down numbers or addresses, or just about anything else.  You won’t always have your phone available, especially in meetings, so keep some of your unneeded paper and use the back.

4) Digitalising

Lastly, and probably one of the bigger options, is to digitalise where you can.  Try switching to electronic copies of documents.  You can even collaborate with others using Google Docs or whatever other similar service you prefer.

When it comes to signatures or important documents, you can use a service like Crosby Fax® to send and receive faxes easily, safely, and, of course, without the need of any paper.  Using our Fax-to-Email service is a reliable way to reduce your paper waste.

The great thing about all these solutions is that each and every one is designed to save you money, space, and will even help to save the environment.  Speaking of saving money, we’ll help you save some right now with a 1-month free trial.  If you’ve got any questions, concerns, or comments, give us a call at 0333 315 0000.

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