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“Faxing is a dead technology”

Fact — Faxing is very much still alive.  In fact, research suggests that annual faxes total somewhere around 100 billion.  That’s billion with a b.

The reason for this is a mix of security, familiarity, and ease of use.  Some companies rely on faxing because of its inherent security compared to email.  Others rely on it because it’s vastly more expensive to switch to other services.  Whatever the reason, faxing is still chugging along, and that’s the fact.

“Well, the fax machine at least is dead”

Fact — Fax machines as well are still alive.  This isn’t completely off base, though.

As it is, faxing online through an internet fax provider (like Crosby Fax®) is becoming more popular.  Right now though, fax machines are still the reigning king for faxing, especially for bigger companies where faxes are a staple of their very communication.

“Okay, well older people might still fax but the young ones won’t!”

Fact — Ehhhh.  Not entirely true, but also not untrue.

Most younger people see faxing, as these myths state, as a dead technology.  The majority of young people actually don’t fax, but when they do, they fax through online services.  They’ll scan to email and avoid traditional workplace equipment when possible.

“Faxing online is really expensive though”

Fact — it’s actually able to cut your costs quite a bit!

Subscription costs on Crosby Fax® start at just £7 a month.  Factor in the money you’ll be saving without the need of constant resources (paper, ink, service for machines) and you can see just how ‘expensive’ it is. Check out our comparison of online vs. traditional faxing here!

As a special note, it’s also less costly to the environment!  So, it’s good all around!

“Faxing online is complicated”

Fact — it’s as complex as attaching a file to an email.

Really, with any technology, there’s a learning curve.  For some which are unfamiliar with computers, it might very well be difficult to learn.  If you’re able to read this blog, though, I’d wager you know how to pick it up without much difficulty.

In fact, for those looking to learn, we’ve got step-by-step tutorials found here or you can check out our more in-depth tutorial videos.  We tried to make our service as simple and user-friendly as possible.

“Switching to online faxing will be tough”

Fact — It’s really not.

You don’t need any new equipment.  We aren’t going to charge you any hidden fees.  You don’t even need to get a new fax number.  Our systems are designed with you in mind.  The best part about it is that you won’t even lose any time in switching.  It’s a fast and painless process that’ll leave you plenty happy in the end.

Don’t believe the facts?  Check us out with a 1-month free trial or give us a call at +44 (0) 333 315 0000

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