Going Green: How online faxing can help

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In almost every nation nowadays, people are becoming more concerned about their carbon footprints.  Consumers are looking for more environmentally friendly cars and companies are looking to find ways of reducing pollution and their own strain on the environment.  Using a service like Crosby Fax® might be just what you’re looking for.

It’s effective in a multitude of ways.

If you’re an avid fax-user or even just an occasional one, faxing with our online-based service can definitely help.

For one, it reduces the amount of paper and ink you use on a yearly basis.  Your emailed faxes won’t need to be printed unless you choose to do so.  The added benefit to this is that you also don’t need to buy the paper, so you’re saving money and the environment all at once.

Using Crosby Fax® for your faxing needs can give you more time to help the environment.  With less time wasted at your fax machine thanks to our easy-to-use portal, you’ll have a lot more free time.

The benefits don’t stop there.

Spending less on paper actually has a bigger effect than you realize.  Right now, paper production is second only to petroleum in terms of energy used.  Less paper being bought leads to less paper being produced.  Those trees saved will help to prevent soil erosion, remove carbon dioxide and provide more oxygen.

Moving to the production side, factories will no longer have to produce as much paper.  The whole process helps to ultimately reduce pollution, and save energy.

Even the trucks that would need to haul the trees and paper, trucks which produce more carbon dioxide, would be less necessary.  Less trucks needed puts less strain on fossil fuel drilling and on and on and on.

Small steps, big effect.

What starts as something as small as you changing to an online faxing system ends with huge results.  A butterfly flaps its wings and helps create a tornado.  It’s amazing how the smallest things can have such an effect.

It’s time to go green.  Join us today, and you’ll save some green, too. Try our 1-month free trial.

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