Productivity improved through online faxing

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Yes, you read that title right.  Faxing online actually can help to boost your productivity!  In fact, it could actually do so better than email thanks to all the features Crosby Fax® has in its web portal.

Remove the hassle of fax machines

Fax machines can be… tricky.  They’re slow, they can be loud, they’ve got a lot of complex parts, and they even require constant resources, whether it be ink and paper or just repair.  If all of your faxes are being received through our online portal though, there’s no need for any of that.  You set up an account, we give you the fax number, and any faxes received through that number go into the secure web portal.

For extra convenience, you can even just open your faxes up through email and download them as PDF’s with no need to go through our portal at all.  Save money, save time, and save the environment!

Easy organising improves productivity, too!

No more need for file cabinets and no stacks of paper cluttering up your desk anymore.  With Crosby Fax®, everything can remain stored in our secure portal for easy access.  If the need arises, you can download and print any documents you may need.

Thanks once more to our web portal, you can even tag faxes that pertain to different things.  All of your accounting documents (or any other type) can be stored in one easy-to-find place!  Keep all of your important documents in one safe place.

It’s not just documents that you can organise, either.  Numbers can be a major pain to remember when you need to send a fax.  Was that Debbie’s fax number or maybe John’s?  By saving and naming the various numbers in our system, you’ll never have that problem.

Only sending faxes?  You can do it just from Email!

You won’t even have to log into our web portal to send faxes if you don’t want to!  Simply start an email to and up to 10 recipients separated by commas in the subject line, attach up to 10 PDF files, and hit send!  For more info, just watch the video below:

With so many helpful, user-friendly features obtained from using Crosby Fax®, you’d be crazy not to want to switch.  And speaking of, you can try our one-month free trial now just to test us out!  Or, if you have any questions, call us today at 0333 315 0000.

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