Faxing: Easy to Use, Hard to Leave

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Faxing, by most people, is thought of to be an obsolete and long-dead service.  With smartphones, computers, and the Internet at the forefront of communication, fax machines have gone the way of the 8-track and record players.  But just because they’re less used, doesn’t mean they’re gone just yet.  In fact, the bigger the company, the harder it is to get rid of.

Why is faxing still used at all with so many alternatives?

Believe it or not, there are some benefits!

  • It’s easier for sending and receiving signatures.  Personally, I detest digital signatures and that wonky little “pen”.  It rarely looks like my signature and occasionally doesn’t even work at all.  With faxing, it takes very little effort.  Receive fax, sign, send back.  Two minutes and you’re done.
  • It’s safer.  Faxing is almost never targeted for hacking because, as we’ve learned above, it’s an old technology.  It also takes different skills to hack into faxes, skills which most wouldn’t care to learn.
  • Confirmation of sending/receiving.  While there are email and post services that offer this as well, fax can too!
  • Cultural importance.  In Japan, faxing is still used widely for handwritten notes because handwriting is valued.

It’s not all just benefits, though.  Some companies are so reliant on faxing that they couldn’t switch even if they wanted to!  H&M, a clothing retailer, spent four years trying to break away from faxing.  With such a large business though and so many documents being sent daily, they finally accepted the reality that they needed to fax.

Industries with sensitive information tend to be the ones which fax the most.  These include law firms, financial institutions, government offices, and health services.

Faxing isn’t unwilling to change, though.

While some companies do keep fax machines laying around for the various fax or just for comfort, most have moved on to the digital world of faxing. Crosby Fax® is one such service which lets you send, receive, and store your faxes easily online.

It’s a great middleman between the new and the old.  The information is just as secure, especially with our Secure Fax Service, and it’s just like getting emails.  You can categorise your faxes which will help you from having to print and organise through filing cabinets, you can send or receive faxes directly to/from your email, and you can even send to multiple people at once!

The benefits of faxing are just made better through going digital.  It’s much cheaper, too.  There’s no need for ink cartridges, paper, or a fax machine to buy/repair.  We’ve even got many different packages available so that no matter how big or small your business is, we’ve got the right fit for you!

You can try our one month free trial today, or contact us at 0333 315 0000 for any questions or concerns.

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