The Security of Fax vs Email

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“Can you email it to me?” is probably one of the most used phrases in the past decade.  Email is everywhere and used for nearly everything.  While it might be one of the newest forms of communication, that doesn’t mean it’s got the best security.  As unexpected as it might be, fax is vastly more secure than email.

What’s so bad about email?

Well, for one, there’s no encryption at all on your email.  No encryption means that anyone getting their hands on it can read it with no problem at all.  Getting one’s hands on an email isn’t difficult, either.  The journey of an email is not as simple as point A to point B.  Every email you send goes through firewalls, ISPs, servers, and even data harvesting bots.  If even one of those becomes compromised, your email can be taken, read, or important files can be downloaded.

Why’s fax better?

Cloud faxing and even traditional faxing is inherently much more secure.  Faxing tends to use PSTN networks, SIP, or T.38.  Another added benefit of fax is that the only way to hack into and retrieve it is to directly access the telephone line.  Even if someone was to do that, though, they’d receive nothing but noise, which they’d need to record and translate into the fax.  As you can see, there’s a whole slew of steps involved just to steal and decipher a fax.

What Crosby Fax® does to make it even more secure.

Our Secure Fax service further encrypts files sent through the system with 256-bit encryption in our web portal.  The only way to access faxes you receive through our secure fax portal is by logging in.  In addition, since our customers have all their faxes go straight to the portal rather than any traditional fax machine, there’s no way for someone to simply walk by and take the physical fax.

Our intelligent cloud storage lets you keep a secure space for sending and receiving faxes.  You can even delete them right after reading them for added security or tag them for future reference and easy categorising.

To go a step further, even our staff have no access to your faxes.  When looking for the most secure way to send information, look to Crosby Fax®.  Try our free 1-month trial today or call us for any questions or comments at 0333 315 0000.

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