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So, you’re thinking about coming over to Crosby Fax® for all your faxing needs and want to know exactly what you’re getting compared to the competition, right? I’m going to lay something on you — there is no competition. Let me start out by showing you what most people consider an important aspect.

Price: Objectively speaking, our prices are among the lowest around. Not only is there no start-up fee for our basic service (unlike other top companies), but our prices start at a mere £7 for receiving up to 300 pages a month! That’s especially great for small to medium business, but that’s not even the end of your savings. We also have no extra charge at all for any faxes which take more than a minute to complete. That’s a feature that’s nearly unheard of in the industry and often needed for those that fax in high volume. Sold on us, yet?

Features: We’ve got so many extra benefits that even I can’t list them all, so I’ll tell you about the most important ones that are likely to help you choose Crosby Fax®. One of the most important features is security. Every single fax you download or upload using the Crosby Fax® website has 256-bit HTTPS TLS Encryption at no extra charge along with them being stored inside an area with that same level of protection.

We also give unlimited free inbound faxes for numbers such as 0844 or 0871, so don’t worry about any extra charges there either! Leading services? Charging extra again. I think maybe now you’re catching on as to why there’s no real competition when it comes to the online faxing industry.

Should you need a variety of different packages for different numbers, we can easily work that in as well. We’ve got many to choose from for anything and everything you might need. Pick a number, pick a package, and pick how you’d like to pay! Customers simply top up their account with a pre-paid credit for sending faxes. Whether you use the service few and far between or all day every day, we’ve got an option for you.

Quality: Price and features are all well and good of course, but what about quality, right? Crosby Fax® is run by Telecoms Cloud, an actual network operator with their own custom-built network.  We don’t resell a service, we provide it ourselves so that we have the power to help you when you need it. What’s that mean for you?  Faster customer service and a more comprehensive team to help you get back to faxing as quick as possible.

Cancellation: What? Why would you possibly talk about cancelling accounts when you’re trying to get me to buy you! There’s a simple reason for that… certain businesses in the industry who shall remain nameless have the most difficult, time-consuming, and complained about cancellation policy in existence, so even if you do decide to go with them instead, you’re stuck them either for eternity or after an excruciatingly long phone call where they’ll offer you a hundred different options before finally cancelling your account.

In fact, here’s a quick little link showing just the type of bad service people have had to experience.

Want to know the whole process for us? You go on to the website and click a single button. I know, I know. We should’ve had a button that you could push telepathically, but we’re just not that advanced yet!  Why so easy? We’re proud that all of our customers are with us because they want to be. Customers choose to stay with us because they value our great service and enjoy our excellent support. To keep us on our toes, we make it easy for you to leave us if you want to — but then give you lots of great reasons to stay!

Interested in checking out our service? If so, you’re in luck! We’ve got a no-obligation one-month free trial to test out our service.  If you’re not even sure about that, feel free to give us a ring at 0333 315 0000 or shoot an email to

If you’re switching from eFax, we’ve got a special deal for you!  Customers that switch to us are offered half price service for 6 MONTHS! For more information, check here!

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